Robert Tumm & Liz Starke


Robert Tumm & Liz Starke

About Sed4U

Energy Healing - Clear Chakras

The primary focus of Spiritual Energy Dynamic’s:  “Advanced Energy Management System” is expanded human consciousness.  These can be clearly and objectively assessed through a quantifiable system of vibrational attunements unique to Spiritual Energy Dynamics (S.E.D.) philosophy and methodology. Our system, at the very minimum, provides a yardstick for humans to determine where they are relative to their potential as it relates to levels of spiritual consciousness connections, I.e.: Soul, Being, Higher Self, etc.

Our programs are designed to help one along the path of consciousness expansion, at the rate that the individual is ready for higher spiritual frequencies, however, first things first. One’s energies must be pristine (free and clear of adverse energies, entities, blockages, interferences, etc.

Yes, we do provide these services as well. If fact, our clearing and healing services incorporate unique, leading-edge protocols to diagnose and resolve blockages and interference in the human energy field. We use sophisticated spiritual energy technology to identify, quantify, and extract any type of negative energetic contamination as well as internal factors such as old karmic records and patterns.

Because of our effectiveness in identifying and resolving complex spiritual energy issues, much of our effort is providing Energetic Support Services to other Healers, Therapists, Medical Professionals, etc., and their clients.  We accept clients primarily via referrals, however, we will certainly consider accepting new clients that discover us through their web searches.

Important Consideration: ALL S.E.D. (Spiritual Energy Dynamics, LLC) processes are facilitated in collaboration with Divine Beings we recognize as Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters. ALL S.E.D. processes are conditional in respect that they cannot and will not violate a person’s “Free Will, Karma, nor manipulate in any way”.