Spiritual Energy Dynamics


Our program includes adverse Energy /Entity Clearing services


​Entity Removal:

Identification, quantification, and removal of interfering entities from a list of over 80 different types, levels, degrees of darkness, etc. These types include (but are not limited to): Ghosts, Discarnates, Poltergeist, Incubus, Succubus, Lower vibrational Astral Entities, Infestations, Possessions, and much more. Why does Robert take the time to isolate entities to specific types? Because it necessitates very specific protocols to effectively clear each type. It requires specificity as to the quantity, and the location they are embedded in the energy field. Fact: The traditional method of “sending them to Divine Light” simply does not work very well. At best, it is about 15% effective, as it is simply an outdated, archaic process.


​Chakra Blockages Clearing:

Detection, quantification, isolation, and removal of etheric blocks, toxic energy residue, and all disruptive elements that may be obstructing energy flow throughout the human chakra system.  We pinpoint disruptions, misalignments, and excesses not only in the charkas themselves, but in the interconnecting channels (Ida, Pingala, Kundalini primary connections and all secondary interfaces). Once the blockages are removed, comprehensive healing processes are implemented to restore optimal performance and balance throughout the etheric body.


​Negative Influences:

This covers over 100 different types of negative influences including: psychic cords, energetic congestion, karmic cords, curses, hexes, spells, santria, psychic attack, psychic vampirism, voodoo, and much more. As these dark / negative influences are detected with our intuitive scans, formidable protocols are invoked to remove all aspects of intrusion and damage to the energy field and disconnect the victim from the source. Healing processes are implemented to restore connections, alignments, and overall energy flow.


Etheric Implants:

There are the most dangerous and damaging of all energy field interference, and only a handful of individuals on the planet have the capability of both identifying, extracting, and healing the damage caused by literally 100’s of types of dark force intrusions. This type of interference is most likely to be found in those on a spiritual path and special configuration children and young adults (Crystals, Rainbows, etc.)  There are quite a few that claim to be able to remove these type of influences. However, the truth is very few are qualified, and most end up causing more damage than good.


Home/Property Clearing:

Included in all Spiritual Energy Dynamics programs is clearing of one’s home / property. Elements cleared include: entity removal and negative influences (see above bullet points), as well as geopathic influences, negative vortexes, negative portals, and other sources of negative influences that can invade dwellings, property, objects, etc.


Internal Factors:

Energy field impairment is often caused by or complicated by many factors such as past life patterns, personal habits, high drama situations and relationships, addictions, extreme emotions (anger, fear, etc.), substance abuse etc. These can be components of weakening the energy field and attracting negative influences from each of the bullet points listed above.



Included in the programs, for those who are ready as it relates to their spiritual path, are accelerated consciousness – ascension protocols. These include karma clearing and healing, soul healing / restoration, and measurable increases in vibrational attunements. If this is of interest to you, please ask about it, as we will be glad to explain in more detail and answer any questions you may have on the subject. Ascension is not guesswork, nor some term as often thrown around by so called experts. It is clearly defined and measurable, and for many in embodiment today, achievable with dedication, focus, and clearly outlined methods.