What we do and what we are about!

The primary focus at Spiritual Energy Dynamics is to assist you on your path to higher consciousness. Spiritual Energy Dynamics takes the guess work out of the process with proven measurable, quantifiable methods that ascertain your vibrational signature configuration in relationship to your consciousness potential.

The process includes comprehensive intuitive scans that identify where your energies are within the multifaceted layers of your energy field, starting with your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies, and then looking granularly at the intricate layers of your vibrational consciousness.

This process allows us to get a multi-dimensional view of where your consciousness is from a Spiritual Energy Dynamics attunement perspective and determine where your energies are flowing, and where they may be blocked and misaligned.  If there are blockages, and most people have some degree of interference and misalignment’s, cutting-edge spiritual protocols are invoked to clear, transmute, heal and align your energy field.

Once your field is clear, we have available, should you choose to continue with your consciousness growth, innovative, established techniques to expand your divine connections and accelerate your path to the commonly used term “Ascension”!  Important note, all action is taken based on your readiness, your personal configuration potential, and within the conditions of your freewill and karma.